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State of Delaware Public Issues

This is a forum for open discussion of public issues in the state of Delaware. If you would like to participate, please sign up by clicking "register" at the top of the page. Then log in to post a comment. No personal attacks or profanities, please.

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Saturday, March 02, 2013 09:51 AM


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I’m not saying all Republicans are racist. I’m saying that as a party, ever since Goldwater and Nixon concocted the benighted, openly racist “Southern Strategy” in the ’60s, the Republican Party has profited from overt and covert racism.

The Southern Strategy was designed to capitalize on Southern white resentment of court-enforced busing to end school desegregation, of the 1964 Civil Rights Act's prohibition of discrimination in interstate commerce, of enforcement of the 1965 Voting Rights Act to prevent historically racist Southern counties and states from discriminating against blacks who sought to exercise their right to vote where once they'd been effectively barred. By playing on these issues, Nixon and other Republicans of this era won many traditionally Democratic votes in the South. Later, GOP opposition to affirmative action, race-based hiring "quotas" and all other methods of compensating for the debilitating legacy of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation fed into what was one of the momentous shifts, a total turnaround in just more than a decade (1970 to 1984) from a solidly Democratic South to a solidly Republican one.

Conservatives, especially in the south, are still trying to refashion history to suit their warped minds view of it, still clinging to the same old comforting mythologies about racial superiority that feeds their sexual inadequacies and yes; that's really what's at the core of racial prejudice!

The current Republican Party is a coalition between racism, sexism, homophobia, fundamentalism and greed. But racism serves greed in the end. The only way for the Republicans to free themselves of racism is if racism is no longer profitable for those financing the movement. Then greed will have to find some other group of suckers.

A few sensible people are desperately begging the flock towards moderation. It's clear whatever is left of the shabby "establishment" wishes to move in that direction.

Unfortunately, to remain relevant, the Republicans rode the Tea Party Taliban extremist movement to its dead-end conclusion, to the point that their regular voters are now furious with the GOP, who they see as massive capitulators!  

Just think some of these loonies see pleas to run Palin again; a large segment advising people to sit it out in 2016 if a "true conservative" is not nominated, and a nascent third-party movement. All of these people are aware they will not win with our current electorate for many years. They do not care.

"Let it burn" is a refrain from radical right wing blogs.  The rump of the party (basically what's left) are willing to charge off the cliff before admitting they need to change. In their eyes, it is better to give Obama and the Democrats all they want and let it crash, discrediting Democrats forever (they believe), than to continue to engage or battle us. This imbecilic behavior is more than weird for sure.

Yes these people--those who remain--are motivated by racism, but they are merrily marching their way into irrelevancy. The crippled establishment knows they need to change, but they are powerless to make their electorate do ANYTHING after giving them a taste of power.

The GOP’s problem is about “identity”; be it racial, cultural, religious or regional, into which white racism is often subsumed as one of its central identifiers. But these people also self-identify as Christians, gun lovers, plainspoken, capitalists, individualists, self-reliant, anti-government, pro-military and rural. It's what allows them to sometimes vote for black candidates like West or non-whites like Jindal, so long as they appear to share these other "values".

Bottom line, the GOP is going to have a hard time getting their votes if it's serious about moving to the center, however superficially.

Republicans will never repudiate racism because in order to do so they'd have to repudiate a far more fundamental conservative idea: the idea that some people are just plain better than others.  Conservatives are against equality in principle because they do not believe that it exists in fact.  To a conservative, human beings are always and everywhere unequal.  To a conservative, trying to create equality is both the ultimate arrogance (the idea that human beings know better than "nature and nature's god") and the ultimate injustice (to hold some people back while giving others what they could not get for themselves).  Instead, conservatives believe that society should be structured to defend and even amplify natural inequality: giving more to those who already have more while giving less to those who already have less.

The trap lies in the fact that conservatives use the fruits of injustice to justify that injustice.  Systematically deny a group of people any opportunity to improve their situation, then turn around and point to their inevitable failure as proof that they are lazy, stupid, etc. and therefore undeserving of support.  Systematically favor another group of people, then turn around and point to their inevitable success as proof that they are superior and therefore deserving of everything that society can do for them.

Conservatism was never about liberty, merit, or even naked greed for the top 1%. It's about domination and conservation of the hierarchy. Oh, sure, greed indulgence is one of the fruits of social domination, but when it comes down to it the European and Southern and Russian aristocrats have made it damn clear that no amount of money would be worth losing the privilege to force everyone else wallow in sewage -- even if they had to wallow in mud in order to crack the whip.

The Republican Party as we know it today isn't about "limited government" or "state's rights" or a "strong military," it is about white racism.  It simply wouldn't exist as a viable national party if it didn't include the white racist constituency.  

And what passes as "conservative/evangelical Christians" in many cases, is part of the same faction.  Just like the KKK.

I haven't seen any realistic assessment of the percentage of the GOP that is White Racist, but it has to be pushing 80 percent, and when you're talking those kinds of numbers, there is simply no way to "subtract" the White Racist component and have any kind of Republican Party left.

Rather, the Republican Party IS the White Racist Party.  

A new party, with a new name, is the only way a non-racist "conservative" party will emerge any time soon in this country.  The Republican Party is stuck.



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