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Central Delaware Sports

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Andy Walter, Delaware State News: 73-22 Tim Mastro, Delaware State News: 74-21 Craig Anderson, Delaware State News: 69-26 Jeff Mitchell, Milford Chronicle/Sussex Post: 69-26 Scott Abraham, WBOC-TV: 69-26 Smyrna (2-2, 4-4) at Caesar Rodney (2-2, 2-6) After a couple moral victories, the Riders would like to get another actual win. AW: CR, 42-20; TM: CR, 35-21; CA: CR, 38-30; JM: … Read more
FELTON — During his visit back to Delaware over the summer, D.J. Cornish casually slipped into Freddie Johnson’s office to ask a simple question. He asked the Lake Forest High football coach if No. 11 was available for the upcoming season. Johnson paused for a second, then realized what that meant. Cornish, who had spent his junior year of high … Read more
DOVER — Alex Niezgoda has watched plenty of other guys celebrated on Wesley College’s football Senior Day.  He just can’t believe it’s actually his turn now.  “When you’re a freshman, you can’t see that far into the future,” said the senior center. “I’m like, ‘I’ve got so long before I get there.’ But you really don’t. Time flies and here I am, … Read more
CAMDEN — Zach Taylor’s first order of business when he took over the Caesar Rodney High volleyball team was to find a way to replace nine seniors from last year’s … Read more
It is as tragic a sport story as you’ll ever hear.  And, perhaps, as inspirational.  Lauren Hill, a high school basketball player at Lawrenceburg (Ind.) High, had just turned 18 when she … Read more

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