Central Delaware
State implements new child support online system

DOVER — The Division of Child Support Enforcement hopes by Spring 2014, their new child support online enforcement system will be fully funded and functional.

The Delaware Automated Child Support Enforcement System was unveiled in Oct. 1 after about three years of federal and state guidance and funding.

Charles Hayward, director of the Division of Child Support Enforcement, said the division’s previous system had not been updated in more than 25 years. After facilitating a business process review, pilots for the new system began in 2010.

“What the system does, is it basically tracks a case by the time someone comes in and applies, and the time the case closes,” Mr. Hayward said. “During that time a lot of things can happen on a case.”

At any given time there are 77 to 80 child support specialists who manage the online cases and also split their time in the court system. Some case specialists can have over 1,700 cases, Mr. Hayward said.

When they are working with the online system, the new upgrades can pinpoint any changes automatically, without having to comb through extraneous documents. The division still has cooperative agreements with various federal and state agencies such as the Division of Professional Regulation, but the information is slowly moving to become all paperless. For example if someone falls behind in a payment or gets a new job with an employer, the information is facilitated much faster with online notification, Mr. Hayward said. DACSES has been funded through the Bond Bill between FY2008 and FY2010 for $7.28 million and in FY 2011-FY14 for over $17 million.

For the upcoming fiscal year, FY 2015, the Office of Management and Budget reported the division will be requesting an additional $1.9 million in state dollars to finish the project. There is over $50 million in federal funds supporting the project.

Eventually, Mr. Hayward would like to add a customer and employer portal, so individuals can go online to change or verify information instead of sending paper documents.

“That will be coming on board probably in the first quarter,” he said, i.e. Spring 2014.

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