Central Delaware
14th Senate District: Ennis

Bruce C. Ennis

Office: 14th Senate District

Party: Democratic

Age: 73

Residence: 522 Smyrna Clayton Blvd., Smyrna

Family: Wife, Grace, wife; children, Cynthis Ennis and Kenith and Sandra Ennis-Alexander, and two granddaughters.

Education: Graduate, John Bassett Moore High School; State Police Academy

Occupation: Retired, Delaware State Police

Elective experience: State Representative 1982-2007; State Senate 2007-present

Campaign website:

What are the most important issues facing this office and how would you address them?

Focus on economic recovery, keeping existing jobs and creating new jobs.

•Reduce and eliminate unnecessary regulations that burden job growth.

•Provide education to laborers and students competing in the global community.

Achieving greater fiscal responsibility and open and honest government.

•Continue to follow state law providing for a balanced budget as we have done since I have served in the General Assembly.

•Experiencing the greatest economic downturn since the great depression beginning with 2007-2008, It should prove a challenge to afford tax relief when taxes which are to sunset in FY-14 approach.

•Continue the great strides in recent years toward open government. Bond Bill and Joint Finance committees deliberations are now open to the public.

Farmland Preservation and Balanced Development.

•Funding is provided annually in the bond bill for both farmland preservation and open space.

•Beginning last year we created the “Young Farmers Program” which provides capital investment

•Opportunities for young people looking to set up agribusinesses.

•Continue to support intergovernmental cooperation to assure that infrastructure such as utilities,

•Schools, transit and emergency services are provided to assure balanced development to prevent urban spawl.

What projects or initiatives would most help the people in your district?

To have a healthy economy, one that attracts and retains businesses and provides jobs for our citizens, we need to invest in education. During these difficult economic times, I have cast difficult votes that prioritized children and their education.

Continue to work for better emergency medical centers within the district. In the past I have worked with Christiana Care and Bayhealth Medical to build new facilities in both Middletown and Smyrna.

Improving our public safety services by giving first responders the tools they need. That’s why I continue to work to sponsor paramedic, ambulance attendants, volunteer firemen needed legislation.

What do you think the state should do to promote job growth in Delaware?

Promote governmental cooperation to rebuild the U.S. manufacturing sector and create jobs by supporting small businesses and implementing smart tax policies and regulation.

Advocate of a comprehensive deficit reduction plan that is balanced, fair and protects the middle class and to create a climate where businesses can start, grow and add jobs.

What should Delaware do, if anything to rein in spending?

Continue to fight to reform state government to save money, cut down on waste and abuse to make government work better. Managing taxpayer dollars responsibly by identifying savings and to preserve Delaware’s AAA bond rating.

Would you support same-sex marriages in Delaware?

I would not support efforts to overturn the federal “Defense of Marriage Act”. Within the district I represent residents and numerous religious groups are supportive of marriage being between one man and one woman and therefore, support the federal act in its present form.

What ideas do you have to improve the following areas?


•Lowering class size

•Direct spending to the classroom

Public Safety:

•Increase enforcement of crime and drug laws

•Provide tools needed by first responders to keep us safe

Taxes and fees:

•Government reforms to cut down on waste and fraud

•Identify taxpayer savings and managing the state through fiscal challenges


•Universal recycling program

•Invest in clean energy