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DOVER — The hunt was swift Saturday morning.  In the span of about 10 minutes, 20 kids scooped up 325 Easter eggs in the expansive, emerald green backyard of the First Baptist Church in Dover.  Ilona Knott, of Dover, walked nearby as her two grandchildren Autumn and Matthew sprinted about trying to find as many eggs as possible. It’s the Knotts’ first … Read more
DOVER — Nearly 470 recently released inmates from the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution in Wilmington could have been exposed to tuberculosis, health officials said last week.  Over the past two months the prison has grappled with the TB scare by increasing medical testing, which led to the discovery that 465 inmates potentially exposed to the deadly bacterial infection are now … Read more
DOVER — A local rapper is concerned that recent violent incidents connected to two hip-hop nights will label an entire entertainment scene as dangerous and something to avoid.  Houston resident LaFayette … Read more
DOVER — Senate Republican leaders announced plans Friday to introduce legislation that would disallow commission-based contracting for escheat.  Escheat money is considered abandoned or unclaimed property.  Under Delaware law, abandoned property is … Read more